You are the Dream

You are the dream
of many ancestors.

In order to be born, you needed
2 parents
4 grandparents
8 great-grandparents

What did they undergo
for you to exist in this moment?
In order to be born, you needed

16 second great-grandparents
32 third great-grandparents
64 fourth great-grandparents

How many and rich their stories, how much
love and sorrow and hope and happiness.
In order to be born, you needed

128 fifth great-grandparents
256 sixth great-grandparents
512 seventh great-grandparents

They knew the ways of earth.
They remember what it was like.
In order to be born you needed

1024 eighth great-grandparents
2048 ninth great-grandparents
4096 tenth great-grandparents

In order to be born you needed them
From the luminous realm,
they want to help you on your path.

©Susa Silvermarie 2024
… We are connected through our bodies to ancestral DNA and to our ancestors and the places where they lived. This connection is not only physical, but spiritual. We did not create ourselves. Our ancestors and specific places in the earth made our lives possible….
by Carol P. Christ from F.A.R. website, January 2013

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