You transfix us with your magical word weavings. Thanks for an hour of sheer delight, one that brought me back to sanity, and
thank you for sharing your tremendous gift.  Margaret, Ajijic
Cause to think. “I love your unusual points of view, a cause to think!” Martha Wagner Huebert

Fearless.”Brilliant. I love your fearless writing!” Jaes Seis, Shamanic Healing Practitioner

Like a kiss, or a dark chocolate. “You write in a personal voice that touches the universal. I am savoring your powerful poems, reading a few each day, so the images burn into my mind. So they have time to settle in to me like a kiss, or a dark chocolate. I keep finding new favorites. I admire your work and your courage. Thank you for the kindness of your outlook.” Rand Hall, Alabama.

Exactly what we need. “Your new book, Poems for Flourishing, is exactly what we all need right now, a connection to the whole in the smallest things we see in nature to galaxies.” ~Pat Christy, North Carolina, author of The Education of Temple Fox.

Like a Balm. “Your poetry is like a balm, a reminder to bring me back to my spiritual center, to my real Self. Your vision becomes more and more expansive and inclusive and unifying. That heart-centered sense of Oneness and connection is the highest and best trait of a high vibration Gemini. I continue to be in awe of your undaunting  faith and courage and your beautiful poetic gift. Lynn Miller, North Carolina

What joy.  “I am LOVING your ‘Poems for Flourishing’. I am reading a poem a day and have just been ‘Bathed in Bougainvillea’. What joy!” Cath Connelly, Harpist, Spiritual Director, Australia.

Blessed. “I am blessed to be connected to you and your beautiful words.” Elizabeth York, Musician.

Reminding Me. “Sister Susa, again, and again, for many decades now, you’ve Re-Minded me of connection with “the true thing, the quietly singing thing,'”and once again, I profoundly thank you for your poetry work.” Harvey Taylor,  Poet Activist.

Shocked into Wonder. “The poems  spark a light in my own heart and soul. They are best read slowly, giving time for contemplation and revelation, and to fully absorb all that sparkles from these gems that bow to Nature, to ancestors, to all of life. A raw humility awaits the reader. I am shocked into wonder! Thank you for this outpouring of Love.” Juanita Crampton, Ajijic, Mexico

Needed! “So needed. And perfect timing for me — for us all really. Muchas gracias, Susa!” Kathleen Pharis, Ajijic, Mexico.

The Heart of Things “Silvermarie’s beautifully crafted poetry takes you to the heart of things in spare, powerful words spanning decades and reaching across a continent. ” Janice Durand, author of Guide to Madison.

The Big-Bodied Whole.  “I absolutely love your words.The older I get, the more I appreciate ‘the big-bodied whole’, as you call it in one of the poems.” Pauline Loewenhardt, author of  Almost Lost.
Family Love. “Thank you for sharing your work.  My family and I love “Poems for Flourishing.” Johanna Labadie, Johannas-Bakery.