When the Road Opens

The recent new moon Solar Eclipse alignment on May 20, I’m told, positioned the Earth/Moon/Sun directly with our Milky Way galactic core and the central star (Alcyone) in the Pleiadian Star System. Next up is the partial Lunar Eclipse before dawn on June 4th, and the twice-in-a-lifetime chance to see Venus’s dark disk cross the Sun. I’m no expert in astronomy or astrology but I’m sensitive to energy shifts, and I’m definitely experiencing my own participation in the planet’s new alignment.


My participating in the greater whole feels like a brand new road opening up. Fitting, since I’m getting ready for a two month road trip west, finally inaugurating my lifetime Senior Pass to the National Parks. Stay tuned!

At a $10.00 price tag, it might be a better benefit than Social Security! You have to be 60 years old and you have to buy it in person at a National Park. Then you and your passengers can get in free. I got mine at Acadia National Park in 2010. Lifetime Senior Pass to the National Parks

2 Responses to “When the Road Opens

  • may the sun be always at your back. these travels and writing are inspiring!

  • Let the road open; let newness sit in your passenger seat; set up camp beside the rushing stream and see what’s coming, what the Goddess is sending, what’s new for your joy. Te quiero, Annelinde