Watching My Life


There is my home, the setting
for my days and dreamings.
From out here in the night the view
makes it a small enclosure,
a cozy location
where acts of living arise during the day
and fall away in sleep.
Sitting outside in moonlight,
I watch my life inside the house.

In the way in which I witness
my thoughts in meditation—
in stillness, in silence, in equanimity –-
I sit outside my house
and observe my little Earthling life.

©Susa Silvermarie 2023

by Green Edventures’ Tara Short

2 Responses to “Watching My Life

  • Such a cute house, and the moon!

  • Jennie Orvino
    3 months ago

    I was really touched by this and the idea of watching your life inside the house like watching your thoughts in meditation. It is a good thing I like my little house because I’ve spent so much time here, looking out and sometimes looking in, like you, during the last three years.