Transformation Central

What a world! Here’s where
you can make a good circumstance
out of a “bad” one.
The energy of change and movement
is what we came for.
Here’s the planet where
we get to shift
the body’s vibratory rate,
and the frequency
of energy fields.

Yee-Hah, hang on Sloopy!

This is the place I came so that
I could learn to turn X into Y,
Point A into Point B.
Some call it love.
It can blaze through any electron,
(or collection thereof),
and awaken divinity within it.
It can transmute the electrons
back to their original state.
I won’t say grace but part of you knows.

Transformation Central!

And the whole thing spins!
Today, all over the blue ball,
it’s Equinox. I’m heading toward spring,
maybe you’re going the other way.
Is the balance not exquisite?
Humans are finding out (again)
that we belong to the earth,
and not the other way around.
Thank the stars, there’s a tiny bit
of time to take our place.

What a Magic Wild Ride.

©Susa Silvermarie 2023

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