The Sun is Always Shining

photography by Susa Silvermarie

The sun is always shining
its presence all unwavering,
even when its warmth
prompts the earth to let its moisture rise
‘til thick dark clouds fill the sky.

When we resist the light of Love,
clouds of wounding activate,
to reveal the places needing healing.
Before we turn transparent to its glow,
the light of Love necessitates exposure.

From what lies beyond us,
love shines through.
But sometimes we confuse the source
with vacillating human hearts,
and then we doubt that we are lovable.

Yet even when our heart is clogged,
the sun is always shining.
And the sunlight of Great Love
can make a home
even in a wavering human heart.

For we are children of the earth,
both infinite and finite.
Fashioned from the light of Love,
we melt our fearful, frozen wounds
by warming them in tenderness and mercy.

Our flickering form, oh miracle,
can shine out luminous love.
As channels of Great Love,
we are the very way
that it arrives on earth.

©Susa Silvermarie 2023

Thanks to J. Welwood for the January 2006 Shambala Sun article:
The Perfect Love We Seek, the Imperfect Love We Live

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