Summer Solstice Seventy-Seven

photography by Susa Silvermarie…This great rolling sphere with its sky, its stars, its sunrises and sunsets, and with its outlook into infinity — what could be more desirable? What more satisfying? Garlanded by the seasons, embosomed in sidereal influences, thrilling with continents — one might ransack the heavens in vain for a better or more picturesque abode…from J. Burroughs, 1904 “An Outlook upon Life”

Loved beings! Here it is again,
Summertime’s ease and trust.
May we set aside our fears and dance.
on the ground of our rolling sphere
thrilling to the season and the stars.
May we celebrate
our brief and wild liveliness
with new abandon.
Under our own dear star,
the sun we hold as common mother,
may we put aside our separations.

Thank you Sun, for radiance
for each flower we have loved,
made possible by you.
Thank you for your reach
for your warm fingers that touch
every bird we have loved,
to wake them at dawn so they can sing.
Thank you Sun, for our sister and brother beings,
for yourself as one of them.
For the planets who circle you.
How we all depend on you!
Now in the north we whirl
so close to your ferocious love.
Thank you, Shining Being,
for the lifeforce passion of your fire.

©Susa Silvermarie 2024

One Response to “Summer Solstice Seventy-Seven

  • Patrice Sartori
    1 month ago

    Summer solstice, 77, thank you for reminders to be joyful. …73 soon for this sister of yours.

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