Nothing Fixed, Thank the Stars

As I sit in this flying machine,
I celebrate the musics
passing by beneath me:
the Philippine Sea, the Yellow Sea,
the Celebes Sea, all the wondrous waters.
And every island of land
for creatures like us who do not
play our lives in the vast rolling seas.

The tiny screen I watch from my seat
shows me the plane’s curved path
around our home’s dear roundness.
No fixed north or south,
no fixed up or down.
Starry space cradles us all,
pouring equally
on every speck of our glowing ball.
I live in awe and praise to be part
of so miraculous a planethome.

Then we cross the invisible dateline,
and I get to straddle time –
Today at home,
turns into tomorrow, here!
What a hoot, to find that time
is a convenient framework belief.
And how I do delight
in this hurtling ride of life.

©Susa Silvermarie 2024

2 Responses to “Nothing Fixed, Thank the Stars

  • My Thai friends say, “when I go home, I have to cross the arctic circle.” Thanks for helping me figure that out!

  • Just more education through your poetry. Have a wonderful adventure. I know you will keep us posted.