by Green Edventures’ Tara Short

Humans take their tenderfoot place,
as well-intentioned and clumsy
newcomers to the Earth Community.
Forsaking old paradigm ways,
now we bow to every species
arrived so long before us.

The myth of the human hero
was never our species’ role.
Our human coming of age,
arises not from learning to be separate,
but from embracing our place
in the interdependence of species.
As a humble and bumbling
human family,
we hurry now in earnest
to make amends for our mistakes.

Survival of the whole
demands that we evolve
to a species of mothering beings –
quiet and constant and protecting,
a force for the good
of all the family of earth.
Moving on
from hero myths and other small visions,
our species joins in the massive task,
the great restoration
of the community of beings on earth.

The rest of the Earth Community
welcomes us coming of age.
Forsaking the solo hero,
we fly to the freedom of belonging,
and once again stand up
as members of the Living Earth.

©Susa Silvermarie 2023

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