Making Light

I plant my feet this day
and lift my arms to widest sky,
making light of hurts –
recent. old. ancestral.

I release myself, then one by one,
every injured party.
While making light
from suffering and pain,

I discover that forgiveness
is ongoing alchemy.
Each time I clear the feelings of the past,
I meet my newly buoyant self.

Loosing ropes of resentments,
lets the light peek out,
then shine like smiles around
my former band of damaged ones.

I thought forgiveness was small
just words, and courtesy.
The first time you say,
I forgive everybody everything,

you may hear a sneer
from the corner of your mind.
But it’s like piano scales –
after practicing for days and days,

it starts to take,
and turns itself to music
you can barely believe
is streaming from your fingers.

Maybe making light
is magic of the highest calling,
I think it is the holy trick
I came to earth to learn.

©Susa Silvermarie 2023

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