Love Poem to Clarity

I find you in the hummingbird,
her long tongue lapping
in single-minded brilliance.
I have been seeking you, Clarity.

In the chorus at dawn, I hear you,
each voice a bell so pure.
I am clearing the path for you,
oh Clarity, training my heart

to disregard distractions.
So I can sense what’s true
So I can see beneath,
to how life shines.

Lead me deep, oh Inebriate,
with your kisses made of light.
I feel your touch from the sun
which plants me on the earth.

Clarity, your taste
explodes my heart with the flavor
I knew as a newborn babe.
You make the world

one that has no right and wrong,
the world before those crazy splits.
You take me back to wholeness.
How can I help but long for you,

oh Clarity. Stay at my side
so I see through your eyes
for all the rest
of my shortening days.

©Susa Silvermarie 2023

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