Let the Current

photography by Susa SilvermarieI’ve been to Ireland and Norway
Just got back from Bali
I traveled to the town in Italy
where my grandma started out.
But all I want all I want today
is to let the current take me.

Arriving at age is a pleasure
in most every way but one.
I’m happy in my paradise
but it’s not the wild places,
it’s not the country rivers
where I can let the current take me.

I long for windswept vistas
where I can skip or holler.
The wild places of my praises,
the smoky campfires, spread of stars.
I’m happy in my tidy paradise
but I yearn to let the current take me.

I’ve gone to Ecuador and Baja,
and long ago Brazil, Colombia.
I’m as happy as can be
in a life I’ve crafted into beauty,
but how I pine for a river current
for the living sound of a stream.

In my paradise today I howl
for the wild wild places I have known.
And then because they’re here
in memory to relish,
I travel to the rivers, all the lovely rivers.
And let the current take me.

©Susa Silvermarie 2024

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