Inside the Minds of Artists

            For the resident artists of Wild Acres from  1999 to 2015           

The inside of artist minds—

revealed! in the cabin Journal volumes.

Process of projects,

inspirations, obstacles, all laid bare,

each entry in distinctive penmanship

that makes the writer real

as typescript never does.

We craft our praise and despair,

draw the wild creatures we encounter.

In the pages of the Owl’s Nest Journals,

we stay, despite our leaving.

We serve forward to the next,

encouragement and generous blessings.


I can see the woman who wrote

that she danced in exultation,

on this same grey carpet where I do Tai Chi.

I can hear the one who composed on the porch,

a solo piece for the contrabass flute.

I can feel the artist who emptied her fears

by standing on her head in the grass.

I can smell the paint and feel the pots

and rejoice in the perfect photograph.


We surely all are here at once

in parallel dimensions.

Those who came before me

thicken the air at the desk,

make tea with me in the kitchen,

despair with me when yesterday’s marvel

today needs much improvement.

We do the work, because we can,

because we’ve been given this gift.


Our gratitude seasons

the Cabin’s every cranny.

I add my deepest own,

for all our good and silent company,

which cheers me on my solo way.

©Susa Silvermarie 2015

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