I Believe in Fireflies

I believe in the goodness
of every single baby ever born.
I believe in green grace
falling in the rain forest.
I believe in poetry
piercing through addiction to problems.
I believe in the wind
blowing cushions of blessing all about the earth.
I believe in fireflies
celebrating their birthdays every night.
I believe in following feelings
into dark and messy corners.
I believe in the fruits of the earth
wanting to be kissed by tongues.
I believe in my blood
pumping me into life.
I believe in kindness
as a living creature related to everyone.
I believe we spin on a speck.
I believe we all matter.

©Susa Silvermarie 2022

4 Responses to “I Believe in Fireflies

  • Linda Sue Friedman
    1 year ago

    And I believe in dragonflies, I loved fireflies growing up in Wisconsin.

  • Diane Sherman
    1 year ago

    Yes, yes, I love fireflies and we don’t have them in CA. And kindness, so beautifully expressed as always, uplifting to always keep in mind the beauty and goodness of life.

  • Beth York
    1 year ago

    I believe in the beauty and power of your words.

  • Pattie Sartori
    1 year ago

    I believe in you Susa.