Holy Moments at the Meditation Retreat

photo by Susa Silvermarie At the fountain,
I stand in the sunshine and close my eyes.
Still. Breathing, The elements
wash and wash me.
Is this how the daisies
circling the fountain
feel all day?
If I stayed, if I stared,
could I catch the daisies opening
in the morning,
closing their petals at dusk?
I want to be in residence
in my body, in my life.
Like the blooms, the breeze,
like the water, the sunshine,
I want to be in residence.

When sun bends low
she kisses the lake
into a kettle of gold.
When she trails her fingers
further west, look!
She makes a million petals wink,
pink and deep in the lake’s bowl.
After she slides
behind the mountains,
her long and lingering rays
soften the waters
into a tender lavender vessel
of roses, floating.

Fireflies blinking
in the Great Mother’s lap
lift us to lightness.
In the night our souls play,
buoyant in giggling dreams,
in communal flights.
This dance of grace,
we choose.

©Susa Silvermarie 2023


3 Responses to “Holy Moments at the Meditation Retreat

  • Susa, You are one of our great poets of the sacredness of nature. A friend just reported to me that she went to see a concert in Berkeley by the great Chris Williamson. I remember when Chris came to Milwaukee years ago. Could you then visualize where you live now? Maybe you did?!

  • Jennie, I thank you profoundly for being such a deep receiver of my work. As an artist yourself, you know how much that receiving means. I wish you so well in all your endeavors and intentions!

  • Barbara
    4 months ago

    Reflecting with the flowers… beauty!
    Thank you Susa… for being where you are now… treasure memories..