Giant Wings Through Waves

An act of rebellion:
to stay aware of suffering, and
to practice happiness.
Haven’t you always
questioned authority?
You can practice happiness
in the midst of chaos.
Not to close, but to open
to the quantum spaciousness
that lies within –
and without.
This is to find the balance.

Thank the trees, particular trees
you can touch with your hands.
Sing to the flowers,
thank you thank you
for your brave and holy blooming.
To bow  in awareness
to everything that’s happening,
the suffering from wars, the besmirching of our earth,
and to practice happiness as well,
this holds love for those in need.
It shares the tree you touched
and the flowers on your altar
with the grieving mother in Gaza,
with the hungry baby in Ukraine.

Start with breath,
let it stream through.
Start with love
let it stream through.
Your body knows how.
The body of our planethome
also breathes the suffering,
also practices happiness,
and embodies the constant changing.
We earthling children are learning
how to breathe and love
at the balancing point of awareness.

The ancient turtles of the sea
know the rocking and roll of the waters.
They stay aware
of the point of stillness
between the shifting of the tides.
With each breath, each dive,
each stroke of giant wings through waves,
our turtle teachers practice
happiness and gratitude.
Their Presence ripples and swells,
shows us how to slow, and connect,
to dance the balance of awareness.
Time for us as human earthlings
to join in lucid love once more
our larger earthling family,
and to practice the rebellion,
yes, of happiness.

            thanks to Amantha Murphy

            ©Susa Silvermarie 2024

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