Everything’s Alive

photography by Susa SilvermarieAsk a raindrop, ask a pinecone
ask the wind on your back,
ask the sunshine or a stone.
This is a way to know your place
in the cosmic web of life.
Everything’s alive,
everything carries knowledge,
to be shared across the species –
about how to live on earth
connected to the web.

I ask a Turtle, May I step
into your energy field?
Yes, she says, and lets me merge.
So the learning comes,
not from dialogue,
but from becoming Turtle.
I meld in meditation,
and dive in sacred silence
the world that’s formed by thoughts.

I plunge into a way that’s new.
My body swerves in velvet pleasure
descending through the silk.
What falls away is retribution.
What falls away is doubt.
Turtle guides me
to find my place
by being in the only here,
the only now there is –
where what is true is trust.

We all long
to find belonging.
Everything carries wisdom
about how to live connected.
Ask the closest being.
An apple, a river,
the flame of your candle,
the breath you just received.
Quick, go ahead and ask.
Everything’s alive.

thanks to Sandra Ingerman

©Susa Silvermarie 2024

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