Everlasting Afternoon on the Hill over Lovina

This is the afternoon that continues.
The placid infinity pool
reflects the curry-leaf tree.
Or is it the other way round.
Ripening jewels of rambutan,
in yellows and peach and reds,
curve the branches of its tree
down to kiss the water.

Under a red umbrella,
I never leave.
The view of the sea
ever hangs in the distance,
and the dogs always
bark their protection.

Everything blends, sea and sky,
the soft spring water of the long pool.
This afternoon,
its presence gentle and muted,
has no margins.
It holds the land of Bali like a dream.

The sky is in the water,
the dogs are in my ear,
time sent off to elsewhere.
Through the windows of their double wings
show slow clouds.
And what is there to do
with an everlasting afternoon,
except to love.

©Susa Silvermarie 2024

I’m back from Bali and found this poem I hadn’t posted!

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