Contradictory Voices

photography by Susa Silvermarie“Contradictory Voices” was the writing prompt at a recent session of my Morning Ink write-together. Here is my offering:

What, who me, disagree? Well, yes, I suppose it’s true, I do tend to raise a so-called contradictory voice on a rather regular basis. Because I enjoy seeing other facets of whatever diamond topic is under discussion. Who says that’s contradictory?

The whole concept of contradictory arises from a pre-quantum consciousness, in which only a single view or answer can be correct, a binary perspective that better fade fast if our species is to carry on. Only multiple voices contributing to global culture will effect the human transformation required. Female voices. Nonwhite voices. Indigenous voices. Elder voices. A return to the Tower of Babel’s music of mixed voices.

Do they sound like cacophony to my privileged ear? So does the dawn chorus in the Amazon jungle, only because my untrained ear cannot yet distinguish the bird voices raised in praise. Only because I cannot hear the communal nature of the chorus. To hear one voice as “contradicting” another, comes from a mindset of either/or, right/wrong. Debate encourages this. Left brain logic supports this. Patriarchy all around the globe loves this. Governments use this, to label and suppress voices of protest and change.

For voices to be perceived as non-contradictory, a new kind of listening is needed The kind that happens in circles, when we take turns, when we sit with open hearts and a different kind of leadership, not the top-down model that encourages only superficial listening.

Do you disagree? Wonderful! Let me put my voice on mute and hear yours. No need to be concerned about contradicting me. We live in a diamond world of a million ambiguous facets. The more voices we allow to ring out, the richer the shining jewel of our planet-home will become. Let’s call all the voices contributory voices. Let our voices challenge one another so thoroughly that we may find our true human place in the grand and glorious Multiverse.


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