Coming of Age

Final blessings before Release

I wish you well I wish you spaciousness.
No more tanks or tubs, or clumsy hands.
Now the wide sea
touches you everywhere and always.
I wish you well I wish you spaciousness
May your life be long
May it be filled with adventure
as you swim the global waters
I wish you well I wish you spaciousness.
I send you with love
and mothering prayers for your safety.
May you come to this beach twenty years hence
to lay your hundred eggs.

May you journey through life
as one with everything around you.
May I move through my life
the way you travel the waters,
in wild tranquility, unruly and gentle.
May my coming-of-Grandmother-age
be as naked and awake
as your new life in the sea.
May mercy and goodwill
radiating from our bodies
take away our weightiness,
and lift up every being we meet.
I wish us well I wish us spaciousness.

©Susa Silvermarie 2024

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