As Large as These

Before my face
a sacred lake that quenches my desires,
above my head
a sky that covers me with quilted comfort ,
at my back
a mountain range protecting me,
and in the midst,
a hundred shades of living green —-
this generosity divine
is what I live within.
Let me live as large as what I’m given.

When I crave the closing down
and I think that all I want
is living small,
dear ancestors and angels,
kick my backside forward, do,
toward living large again.
Generosity divine
is what I live within,
And blessed empty everything
is where I know I’ll sail to.
Let me live as large as these.

©Susa Silvermarie 2023

One Response to “As Large as These

  • Yes! When I pray a rosary with thankfulness on every bead, I thank the angels, ancestors and ancient ones. “Kick my backside forward,” hahahaha!

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