Always in the Stars

After stargazing on the Owl’s Nest deck every night at Wild Acres

Whatever you’re doing right now,

you’re doing it in the midst of stars.

The stars are below as well as above you

right this daytime minute.

Wherever you are on the planet,

inside your house, at work,

in Australia, in Alaska,

the stars in fact surround you.


Peer through floating clouds or blue;

squint, and nod your recognition

to all that             Space                         behind them.

Seeing no end,

settle in and cherish flesh,

the body that cradles your magnificence.

Sense how precious small you are.


No need to be concerned

when you don’t remember the stars—

the gauzy atmosphere of Earth

has its own allure and learning.

The birds bring you near to yourself

in a more intimate way. But oh,

this always-in-the-stars perspective

pumps your viewpoint muscles,

and turns you into

a seasoned spiritual athlete.


Switching your view back and forth,

from Out to In, stars to birds,

builds up the finest alignment.

You can do anything,

You can go anywhere,

You can talk with anyone or any thing at all.

You belong to a Family of Creators.

who live aware, alive,             and large.

©Susa Silvermarie 2015


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  • Actually this is the article that resonates the most..
    thank you!

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