Out of Time

We are perhaps the first species to become conscious of our own evolution, aware that we can destroy ourselves, or, make the quantum leap to evolve into a cooperative species. What futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard calls December 22, 2012 is Birth2012. Her documentary film, Visions of a Universal Humanity, inspires me to offer my personal gift to the great Shift, which is a poet’s imagination. I can imagine the pattern of the new cocreative society, I can hold a vision of how it is when all the global sectors and communities work together.IMG_5036

This moment in humanity’s role in the cosmic story is as significant a leap as when single cells joined, a jump across a gap that was not only possible but demanded. This optimistic view of a future of infinite possibilities is actually natural, reasonable, and obvious. Not an incremental movement but a leap to a new kind of species. Barbara asks each of us to determine what our task might be, to find our deepest experience of self and to participate in the shift by contributing that experience.

From inside the womb, the perspective is grim. The cataclysm comes, there is an  explosion, an opening into fierce light appears, and then the life form disappears into a different world and all seems lost. Or is it.  From outside the womb, the perspective is jubilant — the receiving of new life, a glorious beginning celebrated by beings in a larger world.

We will soon be out of time, and this is a good thing. Time can begin anew and we can reframe everything, including time. Soon now, time transforms into an evolutionary leap to create more conscious life. What a magnificent time to be alive.








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