River Rx

Be quiet, enter quiet,
the quiet of the river.

Gestate in the dark
sitting by the river.

Come back from the past,
Come back from the future.

Give up the global addiction,
Give the river your fear.

Let the river have your thinking,
Create yourself while you listen.

Create the world in the quiet
Do your part in the dark.

Float in the birth canal,
everything unknown.

Listen to the riversong
Tune yourself to the river.

Inside the quiet,
feed the world your love.

©Susa Silvermarie 2020

One Response to “River Rx

  • Sandra Shaw friedman
    1 month ago

    Susan, It is sandy friedman from Milwaukee – now Berkeley. I think of you often, but have not been able to find you again until today. You came with your gift for unveiling personal expression through writing to my Mom, Anita Shaw in the 80’s, when she was severely physically disabled after a stroke following heart surgery. Including not being able to swallow or speak…not a word. The “book” of poetry created from your time together is a testament to your compassion, skill, patience & love. From then on, I would introduce her to scores of medical staff this way… “You must know Anita Shaw, poet & author…” hoping she’d be seen & treated as a worthy individual in spite of her limitations. A few years ago I was heading for Spirit rock with Joanna Macy and read her one of your poems, “We Break to Join,” which she then read at her presentation.
    I continue to feel enormous gratitude for you & it looks as if my Mom might have brought you some gifts as well.
    Would love to know more.
    Love, sandy

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