The passageway is not below the ground,
not a cavern domed with secrets,
but a sturdy bridge
beneath a radiance of rainbows
in a collective brain that makes the worlds.

Accessible to every human ever born,
the passage wakes the family
up with rainbow light. Calls us to cross,
with courage and with curiosity,
the communal corpus callosum,
passageway to evolution.

Whee, let’s go! Take a step
into red; breaking rocks to lava,
churning fears to fire.
Your feet won’t burn, don’t worry—
It’s just the serpent circling.

By the second step
onto the rainbowed passageway,
your confidence rises
like kundalini.
Don’t stop now, let’s let

the yellow of sun consume our karma,
so we can high-step in the middle,
into emerald green,
the huge green heart of Gaia.

By now we may not recognize
our caterpillar selves
so changed in rainbow light.
But we can whirl our newness
into the true, blue song of healing.

On the bridge is the whole family.
Belonging lifts our song
to the united eye, where indigo vision
pitches us up
to the launching pad of the passageway.

The crowning at birth has nothing on this
commencement of full potential,
this vibration in violet that takes us
all the way to our rightful size.
Whee, let’s start! Take the step.
Let the rainbow passage take you Home.

©Susa Silvermarie 2018

photography by Susa Silvermarie




photography by Susa Silvermarie

Rainbow on the Mountains


2 Responses to “Passageway

  • Harvey Taylor wrote on my Facebook page, where I had shared your post on Blood Moon, “Silvermarie’s poems always take me to the moon.” Yes, get the words corpus callosum into a poem!

  • Barb Ester
    11 months ago

    A lovely vision!

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