Autumn Congruence

Autumn Congruence podcast


Even in geometry I liked it,

the fitting of figures

such a sleek thing, I wanted

to stroke the lines

of the shapes on the page.

At sixty-six, I fit myself.


From a tribal line, the figures

slide to coincide.

Ancestors dance

down through my skin

in a pageant of One, a divine parade

that makes me who I am.


My layers and lives

construct dimensions,

with nothing sticking out

to trip me up, so I can skip

and laugh across my autumn.

Congruence grants me grace.

(c) Susa Silvermarie 2013

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Taking Ourselves in Our Arms

In Soul on Earth, a guide to Living and Loving Your Human Life, Ruth L. Schwartz, Ph.D. channels material from her spirit guides, much as Jane Roberts did in the 70’s with her Seth books. Ruth’s guidance on the nature of reality and the challenges of personal transformation are equally profound, and she goes an appreciable step further by demonstrating the material with stories and shamanic journeys from her personal life. I appreciate that candor and integration.

I also appreciate the author’s ongoing suggestions of ways to ask my own guides for assistance in various areas, and, her laying out of questions to ask myself in order to clarify particular difficulties. She invites and smoothly draws the reader on through her 352 pages. As she writes of how to dissolve our personal resistances to life and how to align ourselves with our unique design, her tone is comforting and compassionate, her viewpoint coherent and reasonable, her insights incisive and often startling.

Here is a sample of her voice from Chapter 15, The True Locus of Transformation: We must understand that any of these inner movements actually enacts the violence we deplore, and that even the deploring can become a kind of violence against the violence. So we must instead take the violence—both “our own”, and that of others—in our arms like a wailing and difficult baby. We must take ourselves in our arms this way, and our whole disturbed and disturbing, difficult and confused species.

The book bears out Ruth Schwartz’s description of herself as a “shamanic teacher and practitioner, writer and professor with a passion for personal transformation in the service of global change.” As a book that nourishes, Soul on Earth is a book to return to again and again.51vrVkxTWjL._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_

Sonnet for Autumn Equinox

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Through the doorway

of the seasons,

we step, we step,

we step between the worlds.


From Her harvest,

we gather strength

to turn the Wheel

toward Her dark, Her dark, Her dark.


In our heart, we remember

the beat, the beat , the beat:

Night and day braid in balance

Body and spirit, equal lovers.



Summer empties, summer empties,

summer empties into Autumn.

                                                                  c. Susa Silvermarie 2013

Launching is a Process

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Last night in the middle of the North Carolina State Fair midway, I launched myself toward the night sky. It was a “ride” variously called the Quad Jump, the EuroBungee or the Spider Jump Trampoline. I crawled onto one of the four trampolines, harnessed up to my fiberglass pole, and bounced over twenty feet straight up to the waxing crescent moon. Oh my Goddess, how gravity and decades fell away from me!

My jumpmates were all children. When I first inquired of the operator what the weight limit was, he had replied that twenty pounds were required. No, I mean the limit, on the other end, I said. He assured me the ride could handle up to 200 pounds. Hmmm, but there were no other adults doing the jumping— I worried about being self-conscious. But once I was jumping, hoowee, self-consciousness fell away too. I felt younger than I have in at least the last twenty of my sixty-six years. My love told me later that people stopped to watch my obvious joy, and listen to my totally unstoppable laughter!

This morning I realize my launch toward the stars was the perfect metaphor for my e-book launch. Well, easier and more fun, maybe, than my launch of Tales from My Teachers on the Alzheimer’s Unit, but still.

I’m ready to launch the e-Book, finally have the content and cover files all uploaded. Now I’m waiting to find out if I can enroll in Kindle Select, which requires exclusive distribution, for one enrollment period of three months, and still hire BookBaby to distribute to their eleven distribution partners, including Amazon. I’m planning to submit to Kindle Singles too, which does not require exclusivity, and that excites me almost as much as the bungee jumping. My nonfiction e-book is just the right length for Kindle Singles, and if it’s accepted, it could have a huge effect on reaching my readers.

Yet another day I have harnessed up to the work of being a writer. Today I made the decision to participate in November in the Namelos novel workshop with editors Stephen Roxburgh, Carolyn Coman, Joy Neaves, and Karen Klockner. By then, my e-book will be launched, and I will have gratefully returned to my focus on writing young adult fiction. All of it is risk, all of it is fascinating, all of it keeps me joyously alive!