Let Your Body Pray

“It’s always a good time to pray together, and this is an especially good time, when our planet and human societies are in crisis, when fear is being so widely propagated and people are confused and looking for guidance. So let’s pray really strongly. Let’s pray together in the best and most powerful ways we know. And one of the most powerful ways I know to pray together is the Dance For All People.”Tennessee Naraya

Dance in your home,
dance in your heart.
Bow and begin
to let the spirit
move through you.
Imitate the crane,
bow and begin
to lift your limbs
to breathe your prayer
to fire your blood
with gratitude and grace.
Bow and notice
all that is lovely,
all that is divine.
Dance in your home
dance in your heart.
Let your body pray.

©Susa Silvermarie 2020

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