International Women’s Day


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Women of the world declare that women’s rights are human rights, and we connect to all other progressive movements—for racial equality, for protection of the natural environment, for gay rights, immigration reform, for healthcare reform, to dismantle the war machine, and for multiple other progressive causes.  As women we bind the movements into one resilient strand. As women, we understand that focusing on a single identity can be a path to prejudice. We grow beyond identity politics, to become kindred spirits on parallel pathways- creating a world that works for everybody.

In whatever local or global avenue our heart guides us to contribute our personal effort, we are part of this broad movement toward a sustainable planet. As women and men who share a vision of healing for our Mother Earth and all earthlings, we are an international alliance of peacemakers.

In the year of #MeToo and Time’s Up, we need to keep calling for change. This International Women’s Day,  in all the mothers and all the daughters of the world, may hope for peace and equality  spring afresh.







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