In Concert

We start to understand
that co-creating is the only kind.
The clenched perception,
that we each create
separate lives, on our own,
at last begins to loosen.

In concert with the winds that sing,
in concert with the drumming rain,
in concert with the crackling sunlight
in concert with the earth that hums,

We’ve explored our planethome,
clumsy and bungling,
with blundering gusto,
in ignorant plundering ways.
An now we stop. And grow, and notice
what must be repaired.

In concert with the sky that lives within our lungs,
in concert with the briny water of each cell
in concert with the fire in our blood
in concert with the sediment we’re made of,

We never could
pull ourselves up, be strong alone.
We never could
go needless and solo and shielded.
Singular living really never was,
and now the false idea dies away.

In concert with the winds that bring us breath
in concert with the roaring seas we came from
in concert with the transformations made by fire
in concert with the earth that feeds and loves us

We dream our lives and live our dreams,
co-arising from the earth,
lifting into day and night.
We see we are one grand and whirling earth,
each a cherished part of Gaia, sharing
fire and water, earth and air.

©Susa Silvermarie 2020

2 Responses to “In Concert

  • Linda Sue Friedman
    2 months ago

    Thank you for always lifting up spirit.

  • You are amazing….what a gift with words ! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving xox

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