For All the Mothers

In the words of Julia Ward Howe who put out the first call for a Mother’s Day, in protest of the Civil war that had taken away so many mothers’ children: From the bosom of the devastated Earth, a voice goes up with our own. It says, Disarm, disarm!  Today more than ever, let’s listen to Julia’s call and bring together our mothers, daughters, aunts, children and everyone who works for an end to misogyny, militarism, racism, and every form of hate that causes wars. Military intervention always  brings more death, destruction, and heartbreak.Let us celebrate the nurturing essence of motherhood and together, and build an economy of peace.

Here in Mexico, Mother’s Day is honored every May 10 with gusto. Churches celebrate a special Mass, and the highpoint of many events is the singing of “Las Mañanitas” and the distribution of tamales and atole to all local mothers. To my own mother in Florida at age 98, I offer my love and gratitude. And may all of us remember that the Mother of us all is our bodacious planet Earth.

mothers in Zalce muralmothers and daughters, Zalce mural


mother from Alfredo Zalce mural

mothers under moon, Alfredo Zalce mural
from Alfredo Zalce mural in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico

mother in Zalce mual, Moreliamothers under the moon in Alfredo Zalce mural

3 Replies to “For All the Mothers”

  1. Happy Mothers Day, Susa. Good to be with you yesterday, even if we really didn’t get to have much conversation. It looked like you were really connecting with quite a few new women, which I know makes you happy. I hope you will continue to find joy and support from the women of Ajijic.

  2. Susa …Loved your inside out piece about revisioniing …A must in the process of honoring the changes of our later life…your blog is so inspirational…thanks for all that you do…
    best , Judith B

  3. I love telling people about Julia Ward Howe and the origins of Mother’s Day and it is astonishing the number of folks who never heard this before. Thank you for always bringing it forward! I celebrate you and your Mothering of David and so many other beings, large & small. May the day rain cherry blossoms in all of our Mother’s honor.

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