Dreaming in Quintana Roo

Shall I wake to remember
I am, not a puny human but
perhaps a great Black Hole?
My Blues, larger for that.
Yet also, in the grander scheme,
just another transient song?

I stretch to it, yes,
let me be that big!
So sadness sails
into the bottomless cenote,
the velvet passage where,
on its way back home,
every human nuance blends}
into a single melody,

with a glorious bass line
of gravitational waves
that can, at last,
be heard by puny humans.

 ©Susa Silvermarie 2017






Quintana Roo is a state of SE Mexico, on the E Yucatán Peninsula, and Bacalar is a gem in this hidden corner of the world. The name Bacalar is derived from the Mayan: B’ak Halal, meaning surrounded by reeds. Bacalar lagoon is a mix of fresh and saltwater sitting atop a bed of white sand and limestone, creating a spectrum of pristine blues and turquoises and mint greens, and engendering the tourist description, “Lake of Seven Colors”.

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  1. I recently watched the documentary film “The Center Will Not Hold” about magnificent writer/journalist Joan Didion. She named her only child, a daughter who died at the age of 39, Quintana Roo Dunne. Didion wrote “The Year of Magical Thinking” about the 365 days after her husband, John Gregory Dunne dropped dead of a heart attack. I loved that book, but have not read the 76-year-old’s newest book, “Blue Nights,” in which she mourns her daughter. That was my only association with Quintana Roo until I read this post.

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