Conchita at Work

Susa Silvermarie photography

Here is Conchita on her backstrap loom near where I live in Ajijic, weaving the wall hanging that now graces my entryway.

I understand that both the corn and the bird figures in the tapete are traditional Mayan motifs, about which I would like to learn more. Since Conchita and I communicate in a language (Spanish) not native to either of us, I must be content with our mostly nonverbal energetic connection.  What I do know is that I am profoundly grateful to have her radiant energy now presente in my home! Here is a link to a previous post with an amazing slide show about my friend Conchita.

photography by Susa Silvermarie




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  1. Love the wall hanging! I like it better than anything I have seen hanging in her space. Perhaps I will commission one for myself when I return.

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