Where Am I?

Apulia (English)  is a region in Southern Italy. Puglia’s Adriatic sea is an ongoing surprise, full of concealed clefts and hidden inlets, especially along the Salento peninsula, which forms the heel of Italy’s boot. The coast there is wonderfully wild, comprised of cliffs made of soft limestone rock. The limestone also creates sea stacks shaped by water that emerge from the crystal sea like magic. At Torri dell’Orso two similar sea stacks close to each other are called ‘Le due sorelle’, the two sisters.

Thanks to limestone bedrock being permeated by rain water, subterranean watercourses flow beneath Puglia and surface near the coast, forming caves like the Poesia Grande and Poesia Piccolo of Toro Sant’ Andrea in the town of Melandugno.

Yesterday I saw these places, and there I left an aspect of myself on top of the cliff, happily lying in a large bed of yellow and purple wildflowers. At the end of the day I came back to the beautiful baroque city of Lecce where I study Italian for another week, yet part of me still lies there in the bed of wildflowers, staring at the blues of the sky, the sounds and smells of the sea coursing through my body.


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  • Visiting Italy and Sicily is on my bucket list. On my way home at this moment from spending 9days in Southern Ireland. Had a wonderful time. Check out my pictures on Facebook.

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