Whales Already Call Us

In the free space
between inhale and exhale;
in the bridging place,
a Sipapu,
a wormhole between galaxies–
whales live awake
in a place of leaping

Every year they gather to sing
in three, some years four, locations.
For two weeks, in shallow water,
they hover vertical for hours
and make rhythms
unlike any music humans have ever heard.

They keep no possessions.
Besides themselves and music,
they make no productions.
They never
communicate out of fear,
or politeness. Or boredom.
Their giant brains,
and largest hearts on the planet
may be saving us
through some intelligent act
we cannot perceive.

In a place between breaths,
whales live awake.
They lucid dream within the waves,
perfect conduit
from potential to embodied.
As soon as we acknowledge
they are sentient,
they can teach us how.

©Susa Silvermarie 2020

from Intraterrestrials: Fleeting Contact, a documentary by Vera Polozkova and Nicole Oratovsky

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