Twice Today

My forearms, my feet, still tingle, still
emit cool light. The Aegean,
swept all of me, this morning,
into her invigorating arms.
Clothed in the holy garment of the sea,
my skin everywhere kissed her.
She took me in, the way that water does,
with no impeding, only
an enveloping embrace.

This afternoon I remember how, already,
the sea has given me
her silken blessing for the day,
already sent me off to play.
I let her take my weight again,
I let her suspend my every notion.
Moving so fluid through the Mother
feels easy and usual
as moving breath through my lungs.

Her endless vestment
suspends me in liquid grace.
Twice trusting myself to the Mother,
twice reborn from her buoyant womb,
I sing out gratitude!

©Susa Silvermarie 2019


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