The turmoil of our times
dances round the globe—
stamping, frenzied!
Kali destroying and Durga creating.
What can humans do but join
the dance of transformation.

Let us cry and let us whirl
in the storm that tosses tiny earth.
Let it turn us inside out
until protection disappears, until
we wear our hearts outside our shell.
Lightning flashes all around us,

but even as we shudder,
we shall be the rods that ground it.
Let us tether one another
while we shake and tremble,
while we become conductors of the power,
transmitters of the Change.

Channeling the current now tempestuous
cannot be done without the body.
Bow and whirl, leap and dart!
Sway, gyrate, and quiver.
As we mediate the thresholds
we return to earth ourselves.

When we do not use our bodies
the vital dance is jammed into depression
or explodes into annihilation.
Unleash it now, the oldest form of worship.
The equilibrium of earth demands it.
We must dance the planet.

The turbulent upheaval
of these times that we were made for,
demands we blend the parts of self
until a fusion powers us like stars!
Thus we ride uncertainty and tumult.
Thus we dance disorder into balance.

©Susa Silvermarie 2018

©Vicki Noble

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