ThanksGiving 2020

photography by Susa SilvermarieDear Friends and Global Family,

Even though I am unable to be around you this Thanksgiving, I want you to know that I feel you around me. I focus on the communion and connection that I know is truer than our apparent separation. I see us connected in our larger body called the Earth, and in the even larger net of Consciousness, to which belongs everything that is. So, hello hello y’all! I’m profoundly grateful for my connection to each one of you. I’m wishing you health and safety and peace, and the remembering of the Abundance from which we all come.

On Thanksgiving, don’t forget to give thanks to the Ancestors who cared for the land where you now live. I honor the Coca tribe who settled the shore of Lake Chapala in the early 1300’s. I thank these  indigenous Coca people for caring for the sacred place that has become my home, and I ask their Ancestor blessing upon the village of Ajijic.
photography by Susa Silvermarie

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