Blood Moon Eclipse of the Century


photography by Susa Silvermarie
Moondance over Casita Rumorosa

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“This intense full moon creates a window to speak your truth, embrace your personal power, and step up to a new level of integrity, maturity and confidence. It is a perfect time for a bid for Power… Face your doubts, fears and anxieties, and ask for help and support for your bigger dreams. This is a great time for transformation, expansion and clearing of some very deep old emotional insecurities and wounding. It is  a good sign if you feel slightly unbalanced, emotional and vulnerable. Great healing is possible and forgiveness is a key…” from Lena Stevens (

“…the portal opens. With the Full Moon in Aquarius, we can envision our dream for the well being of all humanity, we can love our sacred planet through the fiery heart of the Leo Sun, we can look beyond the dark, shadowy current times of the Kali Yuga to a time of cohesion and rebirth. We can invite in the positive pole of the masculine, awakened by Mars’ journey out of bounds of the structure of the solar system…” from Patricia Liles (

poetry by Susa Silvermarie

poetry by Susa Silvermarie





Equipoise, Whee!

Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina
self portrait, the world and me

On the page for today’s date, the 29th of December, my poem Equipoise appears in the global datebook, We’Moon 2014. This has me musing about what kind of folks start using a datebook the week before the new year starts— maybe the kind like me who like to ride the glide.

This is the week of time out of time, the days before we jump, next week, into next year’s newness. Whee! It’s the cusp of the year! It’s the end of emptying for the year of 2013, and the start of filling up for the year 2014. Time to ride the new moon sense of poise. Time to listen deeply to guidance from your greater consciousness.

My guidance is steering me toward service. In January I start the Literacy Project training and I’m looking at a voluntourism project near Belem, Brazil for spring or fall. If you are so inclined, please comment on what guidance you are receiving for 2014, regarding how you might contribute to the great changes afoot in our world.IMG_0325