The Scent of a Single Iris

Iris photo by Susa Silvermarie
Skyward Iris

The scent of a single iris
renders me a drunken bee.
Indigo edges
scallop each white dream.
Caterpillar tongues
languid lie
on three spread petals.
Between them,
smaller petals cup and touch,
and lift a purple wonder.
On either side of the blossoming queen,
two yet bound in bud
waft promise.
I cannot bow enough!

©Susa Silvermarie 2015


Iris photo by Susa Silvermarie
Iris at Laurelwood





Dashboard Guidance



On the Road with my Holies



Feathers on my dashboard

keep me light, float me free.

Fabric art from my friend,

hanging from the rear view mirror,

companions me.

Psychedelic Guadalupe

spins my thinking higher.


My holies buoy me along.

On the travels of everyday life

they aim my heart, direct my path.

On road trips they remind me

to notice synchronicity.

I am protected!

My view is widened!


I travel through collecting relics

and handing them back to the wind.

What I display today

will later be lost, or given.

My ritual of life requires

found art

to point the way.




©Susa Silvermarie 2014

On Hallowmas


A Drop in the Stream

On Hallowmas


A drop in the stream, I

call upon the river.

On this sacred day

I call upon my Dearest Dead.

A father a sister a love,

artist friends who burned so bright,

an aunt a cousin,


I call my beloved dog.

You Gone-befores walk close.


Through the flimsy veil

I touch you,

I remember—

I am wide and flowing.

©Susa Silvermarie 2014

The Heartening Angel


The Heartening Angel


Her wings were not, at first,


On her brown clay back,

their site of attachment

forms a pink join,

a way for the angel’s heart

to bloom through.

When I’m not looking,

she rises into air,

spreads those earthy wings,

and dusts us

with blessings of imperfections.

In this way,

with her single spiral eye,

she heartens the world.

pottery sculpture by Nels Arnold
poem by Susa Silvermarie


The Heartening Angel

with thanks to her sculptor, Nels Arnold