We Ancestors

A few minutes go, my Irish grandmother,
Brigid Elizabeth Gibbons,
admired my baby, and now
she’s away and he is forty-eight.
An hour or so it’s been,
since I watched my Italian nonna,
Maria Angelina Caterina,
stir polenta with a wooden spoon.
How can sixty years have passed?


Ancestors have made the way for me
even as I make a path
for descendants who make the future.
Grandmothers who went ahead
now come present, touchable.
There is a way being made,
a spiral road, intricate with epochs
that pass by again at intervals,
and in waving distance.
Nonna! Che piacere vederti!
Elizabeth, is the wind still at your back?

In the elegant curve of space-time,
we forebears make the way,
greeting so-called past and future.
Without even leaving
the present’s widened reach,
we travel between the times
like particles taking every path
in the no-edge multiverse.
There are ways being made!
Wormholes, geodesics,
intersecting roads that link us all
in more dimensions than we know.
Grandmothers who went ahead,
come touchable and present!

©Susa Silvermarie 2018

Her Story

Maria Angelina Caterina dal Vago Sartori 1916

Since the Day of the Dead last year, when I wrote about my Italian Grandmother, I have learned her full name and have planned my visit to the places where she came of age. She has guided me toward these milestones. Today as the veil is lifted between the worlds, I laugh and visit  with my Nonna, full to the brim with gratitude, Her name is Maria Angelina Caterina dal Vago Sartori. In April I travel to Acquaviva delli Fonti and to Udine to honor her. And to honor all the forgotten female ancestors whose names and stories have been lost to family history.

Here is my post about Nonna from Day of the Dead 2017.