photography by Susa Silvermarie


Solemn proclamation rays
in lemongold and  amber.
Then the Sunchild bounced
the tip of her ball over the lip of the land,
and winked in red,
all mischievous and frisky.

I watched her clear the turning earth.
She stunned my thoughts to silence

When she lifted to distance, she became
a queen, deigning to wave her flames,
imperious and grand.
The day processed, all regal
all reliable,
all across our Breathing Dome.

I watched again at dusk.
Again she dazed my notions.

Her retreat, so restrained,
made the moment of departure
less easy than arrival to determine,
though even more attended than the dawn
by dazzling pageantry of color.
A full fat day of play behind,
the sleepy Sunchild
faded into dream.

©Susa Silvermarie 2020

photography by Susa Silvermarie

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