Spring Equinox in North Carolina



As I walked the trails yesterday In the North Carolina Arboretum, I breathed it in: the end of winter, the start of spring. With each step, the earth kissed my feet with gravity and steadied me, just in time to keep me from falling all the way into despair, just in the new season’s nick of time to hold me up. She whispered to my hamster mind to STOP its dizzying whirl. All around me, she displayed Her course-correcting beauties. Alongside me, Her creek rushed in joy, announcing over and over the return of hope. She melted my stiff stance with sunlight, and She set me back to balance. At Spring Equinox’s beginning of bud and blossom, I wish everyone in the world Her gift of balance.








IMG_3940 IMG_3920








In the North Carolina Arboretum yesterday



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  • Nancy McCorkle
    7 years ago

    I enjoyed your post about Spring. So did my husband. Next time you go for a walk there, call me and I’ll walk with you. I love the earth too and your thoughts were right on target. Thanks for sharing. Nancy

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