Something Rapturous Happens


“No day concentrates and consecrates its elementary particles of time more powerfully than Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. With our awareness pointed to its brevity by ancient rites and modern calendars alike… something rapturous happens — a kind of portal into heightened presence opens up, as every minute ticks with a supra-consciousness of its passage, pulsates with an extra fulness of being.” Maria Popova

Whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, friends and family, I am wishing you days filled with happiness, gratitude, and love. Here’s to the conviction that, from the ashes of confusion and separation, we’ll rise into great clarity and ferocious compassion. Here’s to another run around the sun, and to peace for all my relation– that is, every single Being on this stunning planet.

One Response to “Something Rapturous Happens

  • I am catching the rays of your words and throwing them back around into orbit, the beginning begins, the end is over.

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