“Sabes Quien Soy”

This mural and original poem was painted on a restroom wall on the Ajijic Malecon by well-known local artist Juan Navarro in 2014, and I wanted to capture the lovely, fading text.

Sabes Quien Soy by Juan Navarro 2014

Sa­­bes quien soy?
Soy tu aire,
tu vida, tu origen,
tu fortaleza, tu descansa.
No hieras; Cuidame
Soy el arbol de la vida.
Ámame, protégeme!
Yo viveré siempre,
cuando pases junto a me.
Y si caigo,
coloca otro arbol junto a mi
para darte
mi sombra.

Do you know who I am?
I am your air,
your life, your origin,
your strength, your rest.
Don’t hurt me, take care of me!
I am the tree of life
Love me, protect me.
I’m always alive
when you pass close to me.
If I fall,
plant another tree beside me
to give yourself
my shade.

translated by Susa Silvermarie with permission of the author


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