For you I need no eyes.
I let them close to feel
the dear surprise
of your touch on my cheek.
Wind sister,
since I was wee,
you’ve been singing me
the songs of earth’s sweet air.
Wind you bring
the dash, the dance
to our planet’s breathing dome.
Without you, wind,
how still would be the world.
Without your touch,
your voice in my ears,
how dispassionate my heart.

Wind do you think
in possibilities?
When you blow the curtain
away from my window,
I feel your curious seeking
and the longing in your voice.
I almost understand
the language of your findings.
Is it sorrow you wish to kiss?
And now you whoosh—
You rush and gust,
your passions pass
through my skin to my core.
You rise, wind sister,
you rise into the shape of me.
And how I want your ruffling!

©Susa Silvermarie 2020

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