Review of Tales from My Teachers

With gratitude, I offer a review of my book by a poet whose own work I have always deeply respected. The following is Kathleen Dale’s review of  Tales from My Teachers on the Alzheimer’s Unit on Amazon.

“As someone who has had to venture to various nursing homes to visit my husband’s mother, his aunt, and my aunt, I have found strength and understanding from Ms. Silvermarie’s amazing book of stories about the residents of “Evergreen.” Her courage and honesty about her own experiences have validated my own at the same time that they make me less afraid to face my own future. Teachers can be found everywhere, which this author demonstrates with grace and compassion. Her poetic style is moving and very accessible, and the excellent photos connect the stories to “real” people. I will read this book again!”

You can read a teaser of reviewer Kathleen Dale’s own new collection, Avatars of Baubo, via this link:

and you can contact her for book orders  at

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