Playground Portal

Blossoms of cosmos, pink and coral,
seem to lift the playground
from its deserted field.
Delicate petals wave
on a million invisible stems.
The swingset’s in flowers
up to the benches.

Ghost children climb the slide
above the hovering blooms,
and then slip down again
into a bed of flowers.
You cup your ear to distant singing,
and school bells seem to ring
from far-off childhood.

An overgrown portal,
this place of play,
for travel through to other spacetimes,
or simply glimpsing them.
The teeter-totter shifts its balance—
Was there a breeze?
A child, insubstantial as the blooms,
thrills to sudden rising!

The merry-go-round
slowly spins, and with it,
a million cosmos petals.
Where will it take you? or when?
Only wish,  see your destination.
Just maybe,
along with the spectral children,
it  will whirl you there.

©Susa Silvermarie 2017

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