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Today on her feast day, call on the magnificent compassion of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Call on her to bring the 147 world leaders who hammered together the agreement at the Climate Conference in Paris, to follow through on their commitment to clean energy.  Ask her help to create a planetary shift, ask her to help humanity jump the synapse from here — our current breakdowns, to there — our future of amazing possibilities.

She has many names, the woman who appeared on the hill in Tepeyac in 1531, and spoke in the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs. At that same site, she was worshipped as Tonantzin, Venerable Mother, by the much earlier ancestors of the indigenous man to whom she appeared. Among other names, the Virgin of Guadalupe is also lovingly called La Morena, Empress of the Americas, Queen of Mexico, and Our Lady of Tepeyac.

Some say that, as a virgin, a woman belonging only to herself, La Morena reflects the blessing of moonlight to women everywhere. Some say that this Goddess Tonantzin, who painted her self-portrait on Juan Diego’s cloak, is the Matron Saint of Artists. Many attest that she can help anyone, especially those who have been unable to find help anywhere else. Today as she is celebrated throughout the Americas, call on her magnificent compassion.

A Short History of Tonantzin:


Christiana Figueres, Superhero and Everyday Goddess

Need a dose of hope? Read about Christiana Figueres and listen to Celia’s song, Everyday Goddess. Get yr hope on, and pass it forward.

Need more heart fuel? Check out other photos of yr sister earthlings (sister includes brothers, of course!) from all over the globe showing us what HOPE looks like.



End of November Poems

I lie on the quiet bank
where the river laps the sand.
Within my view, rapids
rush their sound over rocks.
I, too, can be quick,
but I do not choose to hurry,
nor to sing at diva volume.
What moves in me is mute
as the eagle gliding above;
what hums, deeper than language.
Maple leaves descend
and sail downriver.
To be alive in Autumn,
one must hush.

IMG_4978Senior Housing

Fifty of us in a building
where the setting sun lays golden rays
upon the mountains out our windows,
I live in the midst of ancient ones
waiting out our days in grace or battle.
I mean to leave but I stay.
Seasons pass, I come to dusk.
As swift come shadows on the mountains,
swiftly end our little journeys.
Against the still-lit sky,
darkened mountain shapes approach me close,
and call my name.

red maple

Like Bright Coins

From my chair afloat
in a sea of fallen maple leaves,
I gaze up at the oak still gripping hers.
Brushing the sky with burnished contour,
she dazes me. At the setting sun she waves
her glistening, golden tinsel.
The autumn day opens its purse
and late light ingots pour
over my lap like the brightest of coins.
I know now, not to clutch,
but to allow the bounty
to brim, to spill,
under a dome of sailing clouds
that closes out the shortened day.

Max Patch


Hope for a Paris Agreement

Vigil for Paris Climate TalksI just got home from the Vigil for the Paris Climate Conference. In an Asheville city park, maybe a hundred of us made a circle on the wet grass at twilight. Our many colorful umbrellas gave a festive feeling to our gathering, despite the light rain. The Green Grannies led us in song and then invited people to spontaneously speak their hearts. Five or six did so, in a most heartfelt manner expressing their hope for our planet’s healing. UN host of the Conference, Christiana Figueres, has said that a Paris Agreement is possible, necessary and urgent. Hope–the stance that what we want is possiblelifted our vigil circle up, up, up. I almost expected to see some of us rising into the air with our fabulous umbrellas. Though we were not physically drifting over Paris, our intentions were doing so, radiating to the one hundred and forty seven heads of state now there for the Paris UN Climate Conference. I say with Jan Buckley who posted this comment on We all are part of the One Heart. May all those who are attending the climate conference in Paris sense they are held within this loving embrace and feel mysteriously inspired and encouraged to protect our Mother, the Earth and all her inhabitants. Green Grannies Vigil for Climate Talks