Old Ones Humming

photography by Susa SilvermarieHere ancient mountains,
nearly meet the waters of the lake.
Their presence so unwavering
croons reassurance
to those of us who live
on the narrow strip of land between.
Along on the shore,

we humans hardly tune
to any scale but ours,
so we rarely hear the Old Ones hum.
Still the softly greening mountains
offer their procession’s steadiness.
Today my ears are opening
to the blessing of my days

between the mountains and the sacred lake.
I begin to hear the susurration,
of the mountain Teachers.
We protect you, the Old Ones say.
Dear humans at our feet,
feel our quiet, lasting love.
Through the organ of my skin,

I hear their thrumming song.
It hauls me to the moment.
Everything not here, not now,
falls away as mountains murmur.
The humming of the Old Ones,
brings me fully present
to this sacred place between.

©Susa Silvermarie 2021photography by Susa Silvermarie



One Response to “Old Ones Humming

  • What a place you have chosen to live!

    I’m halfway through your manuscript and have a gap in assignments to get back to it today.
    I heard that hum on walk this morning, in our hills above the golf course!

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