Off With Your Thoughts

Dorothy always follows the Rabbit,
who is the Queen’s best friend.
I am friends with Dorothy,
so I hope for the Queen’s invitation.

A bidding from Her Majesty
comes straight to my hand!
When I get there, she gives me a key
and has us all change places.

The next chair makes me taller.
The world shrinks and shrinks,
and all my grandeur
makes me break the tiny chair.

You must close your eyes;
otherwise, you won’t see anything,
Dorothy tells me.
I shall be as brave as Dorothy!

We change chairs again.
I can fit anywhere now,
but oh no, I drop the weighty key.
I stand erect for whatever is next.

Dorothy’s lover pays a call on the Queen.
I’m Alice-Of-Course, she says,
and when she shakes my tiny hand,
I resume an ordinary size.

Away Alice skips with Dorothy.
I’m all aquiver at the Queen’s table
with Rabbit and Her Majesty.
My curiosity disappears the fear.


The queen ignores the broken chair,
the dropped key, my nervy state.
She rises, regal, and proclaims:
Off with Your Thoughts!

I hear a melodious bell
and slowly open my eyes.
The meditation room reverberates
with passages to peace.

©Susa Silvermarie 2018


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